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December 30 2015




It’s funny how Hillary Clinton will nae nae on stage, reference Beyoncé, try to court Latinos by saying she’s an Abuela, reference Star Wars, and literally change her accent depending on her audience, doing anything to appeal to everyone yet an old, unfashionable, unkempt, Jewish, socialist is winning with millennials by a 2-1 (and growing) margin just by being true to himself. Hmmm

The problem with Hillary and the people running her campaign is that they are running on the same mindset as everyone of that generation: they truly believe that millennials and younger voters “only care about memes” and are uninterested in politics or making the world better. What they don’t understand is that this younger generation isn’t uninterested in politics or the political process, but that they see American politics for what they are: a game of broken promises, where you can barely differentiate between liberals and conservatives as this point. The Democrats and Republicans running for office are all more invested in the interests of the rich and powerful than they are of the people. This generation isn’t untierested in politics, it’s just tired of playing a game that is clearly rigged. The reason Bernie is wrecking every other Democratic candidate with young voters is because he’s actually speaking about issues that this generation cares about, mirroring their fears and anger, and providing plans for possible solutions to problems like income inequality, the rising cost of higher education, the racism embedded in our social systems, the rising cost of living with no rise in wages anywhere on sight, etc.

You can whip and nae nae all you fucking want and wish the Force to be with me, but what I really wanna know is why students are leaving universities with $30K+ of debt to a shit job market to be underpaid for their skills, or why our police departments are being given access to military grade weaponry, or why black people can’t drive without being harassed by police officers, up to a point where they will sometimes end up dead. Hillary can eat me.

kill em 

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Not having kids (by choice or by chance) is a perfectly healthy and normal thing to do. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just listen to the women who attended the first-ever Not Mom Summit, a safe-space conference for those who are childfree. They put forward a solid list of what you should never say to people who don’t have children.

I fucking hate hearing “THAT’S SO SELFISH?!”

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Dec 24, 2012.  T h a n k   y o u 

the signs as things my dad has said



Aries: i will fight anyone that eats my toast

Taurus: where did i put my glasses, i need them to see

Gemini: i may be asian, but i cant fix your iphone

Cancer: i cried at the end of despicable me two

Leo: it was a very good pun, you should’ve been there

Virgo: whats the English word for “the horses that spin around with music” 

Libra: what is “hella”? 

Scorpio: i want cheese fries, where the hell are my cheese fries

Sagittarius: dont talk to the dog like that

Capricorn: can you reach that for me, i am very small

Aquarius: “anime”?

Pisces: you have to go to bed early because you smell

this is my favorite so far

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Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most… human.

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Merlin 3rd Anniversary Countdown
» December 23 - Cast Appreciation

   … when we began this series, Bradley and Colin were virtually unknown actors, virtually out of drama school, and we were asking them to lead a prime-time international series, and they stepped up to the mark. We were lucky. We were so lucky to have them, because it wouldn’t always have worked. And to watch them grow as actors — and they grew very fast, actually — is a very enjoyable experience. - Julian Murphy (producer)

November 29 2015

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While leaders across the country refuse to accept Syrian refugees, insisting they pose an unacceptable security risk, homegrown domestic extremists have been doing a pretty good job of terrorizing their fellow Americans with guns, explosives and threats of large-scale attacks. In addition to these, we can leave off the shooting in Minneapolis.





lmao on the edinburgh zoo site it says “there is a daily penguin parade at 14:15 but it may be cancelled last minute as it is a voulntary parade, we do not coax the penguins with food, and they may not want to go out” lmao anarchopenguinism

this is the cutest goddamn thing i’ve ever heard

I saw the penguin parade. It was a very slow parade, because the pingüinos take their sweet time and aren’t very fast walkers to begin with.


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when will ppl realise that i’m not a computer expert i just know how to click on things until i find the problem

No, but seriously, this is one of the greatest skills Millennials have. I have gotten heaps of praise from my boss for being able to go to my desk, google for five minutes, and come back to fix her computer issue. A lot of it is that the vocabulary is something natural to us. We grew up with these systems from when we were kids–checking that the monitor’s plugged in, that we have the right drivers, that there’s a connection is something we learned young, an internal checklist that’s as natural as the one we use when starting a car–moreso, even. Lots of us have laptops, but no car.

Troubleshooting basic software and hardware issues is something that you can put on your resume. So is rapid skill acquisition, for clicking around in a new program until you know how to use it. These are what we’re good at, Millennials. Don’t feel ashamed of it.

@howtogrowthefuckup, @resumespeak, do either of you have comments to add?

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“What about the woman screaming?”

“Yeah sorry, that was me,” he said. “I really, really hate spiders.

October 31 2015

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Omg that’s so fuckin’ cute

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Russian Photographers Show How Birds See Our World And It’ll Leave You Breathless

Epic panoramic photos by AirPano

I thought the first pic was nyc with central park

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That… actually seems like a really smart idea?

I bet you these dogs used to bark like crazy whenever someone approached the door. Training an animal to stop doing something is way harder than training an animal to start doing something most of the time. So, solution, train the dogs to start doing something like, say, picking up a pillow whenever someone approaches the door, and as a side effect, they don’t bark at the person because (a) they’re distracted searching for the pillow and (b) it’s kind of hard to bark when you’ve got a pillow in your mouth.

that’s seriously brilliant

My parents’ dog has a whole crate of stuffed toys, and he picks one for every visitor. The beagle toy is the default, but he will often dig through the box trying to find the right toy. He often brings me the crocodile which I bought for him, or a large frog. He also has four pigs, and those are for special friends. Only family members are greeted with the biggest toy he has, the Great Pig of Honour.

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October 20 2015

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I still laugh at this every single time I see it.

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